Market Financial Services Through Ascendant Marketing Group

A second mortgage is just one way to consolidate debt and pay less every month. There are actually many other methods for accomplishing the same result, and the companies who hire Ascendant Marketing Group know all of them. A cash-out refinance, for example, is a refinance of an existing mortgage loan in which the homeowner refinances an amount larger than their existing mortgage and uses the excess cash to consolidate their high interest debts, such as credit cards, car loans, or student loans. The amount the homeowner will be able “cash out” this way will depend on the value of the current equity in the home and how much is still owed on the mortgage.

Ascendant Marketing Group understands everything its clients know regarding the various methods for refinancing, debt consolidation and other money matters. That is certainly one reason they are such a successful marketing group. They are able to generate leads by identifying the best candidates for these types of services and helping financial services companies relieve the debt burden of many people, while also increasing their revenues, their efficiency and their profitability.

As a marketing company with a high level of skill, Ascendant Marketing Group has shown itself to be very adept at making themselves useful to businesses specializing in helping people reduce or eliminate their debt, or at least make it far more manageable. Also, by establishing a fun and productive environment for their specialists, they are able to make potential clients feel at ease, so they can provide mortgage refinance, debt consolidation and auto financing companies with the leads they need to build their companies and make them more productive and profitable.


How Ascendant Marketing Group Makes Financial Services Even Better

The professional marketers and lead generation specialists at Ascendant Marketing Group know that everyone pays their mortgage, their auto loan, their credit card bills and even student loans every month and they strive to do so on time, in order to keep them manageable. Of course, they also know that life would be easier for most people if they they could consolidate their monthly bills and pay just one amount every month to cover everything.

Well, the companies for which Ascendant Marketing Group provides leads and other resources do exactly that. They can show people all sorts of ways to find financial resources that allow them the freedom to consolidate all their debts into one loan, often with a far lower interest rate. One great example of this comes with refinancing options. For instance, over the past year, the average homeowner gained more than $15,000 in home equity over the past year, so why not use that equity, along with the other equity they’ve earned over time to make other high-interest bills go away?

After all, interest rates on mortgages are far lower than credit card interest rates; they are even lower than most auto loans. As Ascendant Marketing Group knows well, if a homeowner can borrow against their equity, they can consolidate their credit card bills into a loan at a low mortgage rate and save a lot of money every month. While a second mortgage is one way to consolidate debt and pay less every month, but there are other ways to do it. For instance, a cash-out refinance is a refinance of an existing mortgage loan, in which the homeowner refinances a larger amount than the existing mortgage, with the homeowner taking out the excess cash in a lump sum. That cash can be used for any purpose, including the consolidation of high interest debts.